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Design, Monetize & Protect your
official AiTwin®

Welcome to AuraChat Ai.

The future of personalized engagement.

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What is AuraChat Ai?

AuraChat Ai is a revolutionary A.I. platform that empowers artists, content creators, and public figures to unlock new passive revenue streams via ‘Ai-Twin royalties’.

The Future of
Fan engagement
is here.

AuraChat Ai gives you more than just a competitive edge, we help take your career to the next level:

  • Unlock new passive revenue streams.

  • Build deeper personalized connections with your audience, at scale.

  • Maximize your time and resources.

  • Amplify your impact.

  • Create, license, and protect content for yourself, your content sponsors, or business partners.

Protect your 
'Digital Likeness'
usage rights

Maximize your time and impact without sacrificing your creative vision.

Our proprietary AuraiD® IP-attribution engine can assign blockchain-powered digital fingerprints to your likeness and content, giving you full control over the usage of your intellectual property rights. 

Create a
hyper accurate

Our proprietary AuraLink® technology captures your essence and psyche at a granular level, accurately mirroring your biometrics, personality, values, opinions, and beliefs.

Additionally, AuraLink® gives you full control of what data goes into creating your exceptionally accurate Ai-Twin.

Heart & Hands

Defending your Rights

Our Founder & CEO fiercely believes that every individual should have full rights and ownership over their own digital likeness, -Not movie studios or big tech conglomerates.

Click here to learn more about AuraChatAi's "Creator Rights Manifesto". 

The Manifesto contains our 5 principles, which are embedded into everything we do.

“I'm excited to be working with AuraChat and to set a historical precedent as the first Latino Content Creator with an official AI-Twin.”

-Dr. Victor Encina




Delight your audience with a unique and mesmerizing experience

  • Every nuance of your personality, voice, values, beliefs, and personal story -captured with meticulous detail.


  • Allow your followers to step into a realm where every conversation with your AI Twin feels like a personal rendezvous.

  • Every interaction, every story, every joke, and every conversation is personal and meaningful.

  • Apply today for an AI Twin cloning experience at our AI Studios in Los Angeles, California.

The era of Artificial Intelligence has begun.

We help you unlock its potential.

Want to learn more? Our friendly talent-care specialists can help answer any question you may have about Ai-Twins and Digital-IP rights.

I am an Artist or Content Creator looking to protect and monetize my Digital Likeness.

I'm a Brand or
Non Profit looking
to hire A.I. talent
for commercial purposes.

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