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The ‘AI-Twin’ Revolution expands into Latin America.

Press Release - For Immediate Release

The 'AI-Twin' Revolution Expands into Latin America:

Atop the Skybar of the beautiful Mondrian hotel in Codesa, AuraChat Ai and Dr. Victor Encina unveiled the first Latino AI-Twin.

Mexico City, December 12, 2023 – AuraChat Ai, the North American artificial intelligence company pioneering 'A.I. Royalties' services, has marked a historic moment with the launch of its revolutionary platform for the entertainment industry in Latin America. This event not only highlighted the advanced technology of AuraChat Ai but also the successful and multifaceted career of Dr. Vic as a content creator and distinguished surgeon.

The First Latino "AI-Twin".

The event featured a spectacular presentation: the global unveiling of the first Latino AI-Twin. An AI-Twin is an official digital representation of an artist or public figure, powered entirely and independently by artificial intelligence. The AI-Twin presented by AuraChat Ai was an exact replica of Dr. Vic, capturing not only the biometric appearance, visual appearance, and voice of its human counterpart but also their beliefs, opinions, life story, and personality.

The launch took place in the presence of distinguished entertainment personalities, congress members, senators, business leaders, macro-influencers, and sports figures.

Cultural and Technological Impact.

The arrival in Mexico of AuraChat Ai and the launch of Dr. Vic's AI-Twin, the first Latino to do so worldwide, represents a revolutionary shift in the interaction between companies, artists, and public figures with their audiences, as well as in the way we understand intellectual property and the value of our digital identity. With a focus on supporting the intellectual property rights of artists and a revolutionary vision, AuraChat Ai is transforming the entertainment industry globally.

Link to the event video: 

About Dr. Victor Encina:

With an impressive track record in medicine and millions of followers on social media, Dr. Vic has established himself as a leader in the entertainment industry. His collaboration with AuraChat Ai reflects his desire to continue exploring new possibilities through his AI-Twin, taking his passion for education and innovation to a new level.

About AuraChat.Ai:

Founded by a team of former executives from Cinépolis, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Warner, and backed by an impressive Advisory Board consisting of entertainment industry executives and several Harvard MBAs -two of them being the founders of movie-theater chain Cinemex; AuraChat Ai is paving new ways for for artists and public figures to commercialize and protect their digital intellectual property rights.

Press Contact:

Sandra Marquez, Head of Talent Partnerships LATAM

Enrique Partida, Founder & CEO

Office: +1(424)415-7717

PR Team: +1(424)415-7721

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