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Creator Rights: Manifesto

Our Founder & CEO fiercely believes that every individual should have the opportunity to shape, own, and control their digital image and personal legacy -not big tech conglomerates or movie studios. Digital Legacy, in this context, goes beyond just legal terminology; it alludes to the beginning of a new era where 'digital self-identity' will become something much deeper than just a digital extension of ourselves. 

Our Manifesto - The 5 principles that shape everything we do:

  1. People over Profit: Artists choose us because we help elevate and accelerate their societal impact. We choose artists who share our vision. Everyone wins.

  2. Your Story, Your Narrative: Our proprietary hybrid AI technology, captures your essence at a freakishly-granular level while giving you ownership and control of your data at all times.

  3. Transparency above All: AuraChatAi will NEVER ask you to surrender the rights to your name, image, voice, personality, intellectual property, or digital legacy. We are here to empower you. When you succeed, we succeed.

  4. We prioritize Impact: Our exclusive and fully-personalized onboarding experience is unmatched because we respect your lifestyle and value your time. Our high-level of service is more than just business strategy, it's a reflection of our principles.

  5. Transcend with Intention: Your AuraChat AI-Twin is not just an extension of you, it's a vehicle for you to shape HOW you tell your story. Your legacy will be remembered for decades, make it truly yours.

Like David standing brave against Goliath, we invite you to join us in forging a future where artists are the ones who have the power to shape their digital identity, reputation, and life's work.

With Gratitude & Determination,

-The AuraChatAi Team.

"In the era of Artificial Intelligence, your AI-Twin can be a powerful blend of your authentic self and the immense potential of technology. Harness it.

-Enrique Partida, CEO & Founder of AuraChat.Ai

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