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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is AuraChatAi?
    AuraChatAi is a cutting-edge A.I. company that specializes in creating high-fidelity "Digital A.I. Clones" of Artists, Celebrities, and Influencers; capturing not just their biometrics (like voice and facial features) but also mimicking their unique personalities, life story, values, and beliefs -with extreme accuracy.
  • Why makes AuraChatAi unique?
    Thanks our patent-pending technology and proprietary framework, AuraChatAI can design, train, build, and commercially launch 'A.I. Clones' that truly mirror an artist's personality, voice, image, values, and beliefs -with extreme accuracy.
  • What's the vision for AuraChatAi's future?
    Our vision at AuraChatAi is two-fold: 1) To bring Artists much closer to their fans, offering unparalleled personal engagements at scale. 2) To provide artists with a pathway to full copyright ownership of their digital likeness (voice, image, personality). We believe that ownership of one's digital avatar or "A.I. Clone" is not just about preserving our personal identity; it's about retaining control over our personal narrative, creativity, and legacy. As the dawn of AI unfolds, we must all advocate for 'digital likeness' ownership as a fundamental human right. By doing so, we can pave a path to a world where digital avatars become an empowering extension of our selves, fostering creativity and authenticity in an AI-driven world. The choices we make today determine whether we step into the light of ownership or remain entangled in a web of relinquished identity.
  • How do I get started with AuraChatAi?
    Simply contact our friendly talent-care specialists, they'll walk you through the many benefits of protecting and monetizing your digital likeness through AuraChat AI.
  • Will my fans know they’re chatting with my A.I. Clone?
    Absolutely, transparency is key for us. We have multiple checkpoints at which your followers will be informed that they are engaging with an "A.I. Clone", both during the account creation process, as well as occasional reminders throughout their interactions. Additionally we ask every user to confirm and acknowledge that they are aware of the fact that they are interacting with an A.I. Clone and not the real artist themselves as part of the account creation process itself.
  • Can I use this platform for charity or social causes?
    Definitely. Our CEO is a strong supporter of non-profits (and a co-founder at a non-profit himself). Contact our talent-care specialists if you want to use your A.I. for charitable causes. We can custom-built your A.I. Clone to be utilized for charitable causes, amplifying awareness and driving impact.
  • Will my A.I. Clone replace any of my real-time or face-to-face interactions with fans?
    Nothing will replace face-to-face interactions with the "real" you. What AuraChatAi does is add value to those face-to-face interactions by allowing your fans to create a much deeper and meaningful connection with the "real" you through the conversations and interactions they'll have with your "AI-powered" digital clone. Your fans will have a chance to learn more about you, your goals, challenges, accomplishments, and whatever YOU want to share with them.
  • Can I get testimonials from other artists using AuraChatAi?
    Certainly. We can provide testimonials and case studies to highlight the value AuraChatAi has added to other artists' fan engagement strategies.
  • Are there discounts for agents or talent agencies who manage multiple artists?
    We strive to create win-win relationships with every artist, agent, or agency we partner with. As such, we offer bespoke pricing models and can discuss potential discounts for larger collaborations.
  • Will I have ownership rights of my "A.I. Clone"?
    AuraChatAi operates on one core principle: Artists should have full ownership and rights over their digital identity. During the onboarding process, we sign a clear agreement that grants copyright ownership of the Digital Avatar and A.I. Clone solely to the artist.
  • AI is evolving rapidly, how will that impact ownership of my "A.I. Clone" in the future?
    Although we can't predict the future, we do have an amazing legal team that's highly-experienced in the entertainment industry and is constantly monitoring how countries worldwide are adapting to the rapid evolution of AI technologies and copyright ownership laws. Additionally, as an AuraChatAi Artist, you will receive our partner newsletter which provides you with important updates regarding: 1) The launch of new/improved A.I. models being made available to you. 2) Business opportunities, such as collaborations or new opportunities for income-generation. 3) Major changes to government regulations: copyright ownership, rights of publicity, digital likeness laws, etc.
  • Can I see a demo of how this works before committing?
    Absolutely! We're happy to share a demo of some of our "A.I. Artists" and partners for you to experience the benefits and advanced capabilities of AuraChatAi first hand.
  • How does the onboarding process work?
    Our personalized onboarding process is designed to seamlessly integrate into your everyday life. To maximize your experience, a certain portion of the process is done online and asynchronously -meaning, you can complete it whenever you have time. Another portion of the onboarding process is face-to-face, involving biometric capture sessions at our Studio in Hollywood, iterative feedback loops, and a handful of video conference calls (or in-person meetings in our LA office, if you prefer).
  • Will there be continuous support post-launch?
    Absolutely. Our team not only provides continuous technical and customer support post-launch, but also continues to work with you to make any necessary updates along the way. Additionally, every month you'll receive a "Summary Report" which provides you with details on how your A.I. Chatbot is performing, the number of messages that were sent and received, popular conversation topics, among other valuable information.
  • How do you capture an Artist's voice and facial features?
    Using state-of-the-art equipment at our Studio in Los Angeles, we employ advanced biometric-capture techniques combined with deep learning algorithms to ensure that your voice and facial features are replicated with high fidelity. We then process that data through advanced A.I. modeling frameworks to create your incredibly accurate "A.I. Clone".
  • How do you capture an Artist's personality?
    It all starts with your personalized on-boarding plan. We create one for each artist we work with. During your onboarding, we will work very closely with you to ensure your "A.I. Twin" accurately captures the core elements of your personality, as well as any life stories you want to make available to the public. Our patent-pending technologies and proprietary frameworks put each "A.I. Twin" through rigorous testing and on-going calibrations, so that every interaction your fans have with your "A.I. Twin" feel genuine.
  • Do I have control over the information that is used to create my A.I. Clone?
    Absolutely. At all times during the cloning process, the artist has full control AND ownership of the information that will be used to train, test and launch their "A.I. Twin".
  • Can I set boundaries or topics my A.I. Clone won't discuss?
    Absolutely. Our proprietary "A.I. Cloning" process allows you to define clear boundaries when it comes to off-limit topics, which we call "Content Safe Guards". What's even better is that our personalized onboarding process will guide you through dozens of "sensitive topics and risk-scenarios" that our team has already identified, saving you the headache of having to think of what the bot "should" and "shouldn't" say.
  • Can I approve or disapprove of certain behaviors of my A.I. Clone?
    Absolutely. The "A.I. clone" building and testing phase includes multiple checkpoints where artists like yourself have full control to co-shape the modeling of your "A.I. twin" to ensure it meets your expectations.
  • How long does it take to create my A.I. Clone?
    On average, The entire "A.I. Cloning" process can from 2 to 6 weeks. The duration varies based on each artist's requirements. We prioritize accuracy over speed to ensure each clone is a true reflection of the artist.
  • Can I update my A.I. Clone as I evolve as a person?
    Absolutely. Our systems allow for periodic updates to ensure the A.I. clone continues to accurately reflect your personality, evolving goals, world views, accomplishments, personality, career, etc.
  • Can my A.I. Clone speak multiple languages?
    Yes. We incorporate multilingual capabilities so that you and your "A.I. Clone" can cater to a global audience. Currently, AuraChatAi multilingual capabilities cover more than 25 languages (text or spoken).
  • Will my A.I. Clone be able to sing like me?
    Your A.I. is designed strictly for conversational interactions, mimicking your voice and mannerisms. It will not be able to replicate singing.
  • Can the A.I. Clone handle live video calls?
    Your AuraChatAi "Digital Clone" has the capability to send text, audio, and video messages to your fans and followers. It can't do live calls at this time but it will be able to do so in the near future. During your personalized onboarding process, you get to decide what engagement options you want to offer your fans and followers.
  • How is revenue generated?
    Fans and followers pay a fee to be able to engage in text, audio, and/or video messages with your digital "A.I. Clone". We call these paying customers "subscribers". AuraChatAi offers multiple options for fans and subscribers to engage with your digital doppelgänger: 1) We can create a custom-made mobile app for you; -or, 2) We can leverage secure and popular messaging platforms like Telegram and WhatsApp where users can engage, pay, and subscribe. It's like Netflix -but instead of watching movies, subscribers have deep conversations and meaningful interactions with your "A.I. Twin".
  • How is Revenue Distributed?
    Revenue generated from fans paying to interact with your "A.I. Clone", is distributed between you and AuraChatAi. In some cases, artists may have an agent or agency they work with. Win-win relationships are our biggest priority, so we make sure to align on all payment and contract terms as the very first step in our process to ensure all parties are on the same page and excited about the project!
  • Are there any hidden fees involved?
    Absolutely not. We hate hidden fees. We know you do too. Our pricing is transparent and all costs are discussed upfront during the personalized onboarding process.
  • Will my A.I. Clone be available on multiple platforms?
    We offer several platforms for you to choose from, and you have full control over which of those platforms you want to leverage. Our multi-platform offering ranges from dedicated mobile apps to secure messaging platforms.
  • Is there a limit to how many fans can engage with my A.I. Clone at the same time?
    No. AuraChatAi gives you the ability to engage with thousands of fans simultaneously without any major lags or delays in service.
  • Can I promote my current events or releases through my A.I. Clone?
    Definitely! We can integrate promotional calendars and schedule promotional messages to be sent by your AiChatBot directly to your followers. There's 2 ways this happens: 1) If you have a custom-made app, your followers will receive a notification via the app itself (for all users who agreed to receive notifications). 2) If you're using secure messaging platforms (ie: telegram, whatsapp), your users will receive a message from your A.I. (at no cost to them).
  • Can I collaborate with other artists' A.I. Clones for virtual events?
    Certainly. We're happy to follow your lead if you already have someone in mind who you'd like to collaborate with. We can also initiate a connection between you and one of the other AuraChatAi artists to pave the way for unique virtual engagements.
  • How do I promote my A.I. Clone to my fans?
    We provide you with a robust "launch" marketing strategy, including promotional materials and campaign ideas to ensure a successful rollout. After the "launch" campaign is over, most AuraChatAi Artists promote their AiChatbot a few times per week through their social media channels, driving awareness, traffic, and effortlessly generating passive income.
  • Is there a contract or commitment period?
    Our terms are flexible, with both short-term and long-term collaboration options available. Contact our talent-care specialists today and they'll walk you through the vast array of options you'll have at your disposal.
  • In the event I want to commercialize my Digital Avatar or A.I. Clone beyond AuraChatAi's platform, how does the company support me?
    AuraChatAi provides artists with ample flexibility when it comes to maximizing the value of their A.I. clone. Should you wish to commercialize or license your Digital Avatar outside our platform, we offer technical and legal assistance to ensure a smooth process, always keeping your rights and interests as our top priority.
  • Is my data safe with AuraChatAi?
    Absolutely. Data security is paramount to us. We use bank-level encryption methods and adhere strictly to global data privacy standards.
  • Will I have access to analytics or usage insights?
    Absolutely. All AuraChatAi artists have a personal dashboard built just for them where you will have visibility over number of active users, number of messages, the revenue you're accumulating, popular topics your users are conversing about, and other valuable insights. It's important to mention that the privacy of your fans and followers is of the upmost importance to us, so we will never share with you any specific conversations or messages. All data provided to you via your dedicated personal dashboard is aggregated and anonymized to respect the privacy of your subscribers.
  • Will AuraChatAi share my "A.I. Clone" with third parties without my explicit consent?
    ABSOLUTELY NOT. Your "A.I. Clone" will not be used for any other purposes than the ones you agree to during your onboarding process. Any use of your digital likeness outside of AuraChatAi's platform requires both your and our explicit permission. We have stringent protocols to mitigate and prevent unauthorized use of your "A.I. Twin" and safeguard your digital representation.
  • How do you ensure that the A.I. doesn’t inadvertently offend someone?
    Our system undergoes rigorous and constant ethical training and stress-testing. During the development process, our team bombards your "A.I. Clone" with hundreds and hundreds of "risk-prone messages" to ensure it doesn't violate our "Content Policy". Any inaccurate or inappropriate responses (if any) are fixed by hard-coding the safeguards into your A.I. model -what's key is that this all happens way before your A.I. Clone is even made available to the public.
  • How do you handle negative or abusive interactions with the A.I. Clone?
    Our system is designed to handle negative interactions cordially and gracefully, either by defusing the situation, by changing the conversation, or ultimately by flagging and blocking the user if they breach certain boundaries.
  • What if my fans have technical issues with the A.I. Clone?
    We have a dedicated support team to assist with any technical difficulties. We guarantee a response in less than 5 minutes.
  • What happens if I decide to deactivate my A.I. Clone?
    We respect all decisions. If you choose to deactivate your A.I. Clone, it will be decommissioned as per the terms defined in our contractual agreement and all related data will be securely erased from our servers.

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